Chasing the Wind | Week 3

Chasing the Wind | Week 2

Chasing the Wind | Week 1

Mask Off


The Spirit of the Good Neighbor

Joy Comes in the Morning | Guest Speaker: Shane Baxter

The Book of James - Making Faith Work

The Book of James - Cause & Effect

Crossing Over | Guest Speaker: Jared Ming

Godly Wisdom

Lifestyle of Faith

Best Day Ever

Heart Check

Listening, Living and Loving

Trials, Temptations & the Takeover


Living in your dreams


Wisdom is our best friend


Shave it off - Guest Speaker: Dr. Michael Maiden

Easter at Arise


Evangelism - Week 1

Renew - Part 2

Renew - Part 1

Corrupt Communication

Limitless - Guest Speaker: Jason Bolin

This Is Us - Week 4

This is Us - Week 3

This is Us - Week 2

This is Us - Week 1

The Daniel Dilemma - The Priority of Love

The Daniel Dilemma- Living a Stand Up Life in a Bow-Down World

The Daniel Dilemma - The Babylon Mentality

The Daniel Dilemma - Grace & Truth

Start Where Jesus Finished

Christmas At Arise

Overcoming Depression

The God of Much More (Guest Speaker: Bayless Conley)

What’s It Worth (Guest Speaker: Joel Holm)

First Things First - Legacy

Stepping out of Stuck

First Things First - Tithe

First Things First - Generosity

Search & Rescue

How to be Happier 7 Days A Week

How to Affair Proof Your Marriage


Worth The Wait

Running With The Giants