Young Adult (18-25) Dinner Gathering - Meets one Sunday/month @ 5:30pm @ Carmichael’s home. Dinner provided.  Dates: 2/17; 3/17; 4/14; 5/5.

Leaders:  Pastor Evan & Shinobu and Jamie Dewees

Contact: or,

541-760-4426 (Jamie)

Mommy & Me - Meets 1st & 3rd Sunday of each month @ 12:00pm @ Onekahakaha Beach Park. Kids are welcome, older kids can swim & little ones can stay within the circle. Granola bars & juice provided.

Leader: Ashley Ferraro

Contact: 612-272-8724

Financial Peace University - Meets Sundays @ 5:00-6:30pm using Dave Ramsey’s FPU @ Mellon’s home. Great group to learn to manage money God’s way, whether you’re debt free or trying to achieve financial peace. Study book needed.  Starts with a potluck meal on Sun, 2/17 to find out more. Call/text for questions or directions.

Leaders:  Mark & Judi Mellon

Contact:  765-8910 (Mark) or 315-3878 (Judi)

Adult Women - Meets Mondays @ 11-noon at Burger King, Pahoa. Studying Proverbs with Life Application Bible study.

Leader: Patty Kawachi

Contact: 895-8692

Women’s Study, Kurtistown - Meets Mondays @ 6-7:00pm at Cheryl Miyose’s house. Hope to see you women there to study, fellowship & make new friendships in Jesus name! Please text/call Cheryl for directions.

Leaders: Cheryl Miyose & Pua Bentosino

Contact: 315-5186 (Cheryl) 333-0163 (Pua)

Prayer – Meets Tuesdays, 6:00pm @ Kunishige’s home. Please call for directions.

Leader: Patty Kawachi

Contact: 895-8692

Fitness & Faith - Meets Mondays @ 6-7:00pm @ Honomu gym to work out together. .

Leaders:  Jamie & Alisha Dewees

Contact:  541-760-4426 (Jamie) or 541-760-5494 (Alisha)

Young Adults - Meets Mondays @ 5:00 pm @ downtown Starbucks. Please call or text questions.

Leader: Aoki Tasaki

Contact: 951-205-1330

Couples - Meets Monday, @6:30pm at the Chacko’s home every other week starting 2/11.

Leaders: Pastor Binil and Sky Chacko 

Contact: 954-618-8705 (Binil) 895-8370 (Sky)

Women’s Post-abortion Study - Meets Mondays @ 6:30pm at Ohana Pregnancy Center, East Hawaii, 280 Ponahawai St, Suite 203. Book: “Forgiven & Set Free”. Please text/call Judi for questions.

Leader:  Judi Mellon

Contact: 315-3878

Prayer – Meets Tuesdays 6:00pm @ Arise Church office. All are welcome!

Leader: Patty Kawachi


Adult Men - Meets Tuesdays @ 6:30pm @ Arise Church office to study “Authentic Manhood”.

Leader:  Pastor Evan Carmichael


Adult Men - Meets Wednesdays @5:30am at Starbucks, Prince Kuhio

Leader: Pastor Evan Carmichael


Women’s Bible Study/Potluck Brunch - Meets Wednesdays @10am-noon at Carmichael’s home. Bring a dish to share. Please call/text for directions. Starts 2/20.

Leader: Pastor Shinobu Carmichael

Contact: 443-3563

Adult Men - Meets Wednesdays @6:30pm at Starbucks in Prince Kuhio. Book: Arise Church Daily Devotional

Leader: Wade Kaneshiro

Contact: 895-1024

Young Adult Women’s (20s & 30s)  Bible Study - Meets every other Wednesday @ 6:30pm at the Dutro’s home in Kurtistown. Please text for address

Leaders: Kiki Dutro & Ashley Barhite

Contact: 808-333-0765 (Kiki) & Ashley (720) 937-2294

Women’s Bible Study - Meets Wednesdays @6:00pm at the Freddy’s Restaurant. Please call/text with questions or just show up.

Leader: Krystie Campbell & Christin Kekaulua

Contact: 217-6296 (Krystie) or 854-4735 (Christin)

Muay Thai - Meets Saturdays @7-8am at the Tennis court by Kawamoto Pool.

Leader: Stan Eugenio

Contact: 443-6779

Adult Women - Meets Saturdays @8am at Hilo Hawaiian Coffee Shop to study the book of Acts with Lifeguide book.  Please text/call for directions.

Leaders: Dr. Shallon Craddock  and Cathy Reyes

Contact: 315-1886 (Shallon) or (909) 786-5538 (Cathy)

Mens Golf - Meets one Saturday per month. Dates & times to be determined. Please call/text Bobby or Devan if interested

Leaders: Bobby Watson-Correa & Devan Aburamen

Contact: 443-9900 (Bobby) or 938-9463 (Devan)

Beekeeping - Meets Saturdays @11:00am @ Nelson’s home in Hawaiian Acres, Keaau. Learn beekeeping with a focus on stewardship. Please call/text for directions.

Leader: Scott Nelson

Contact: 333-0705

Beginning Cooking - Meets Saturdays @10am at the Maikai’s home every other week starting on 2/16.  Please text/call for directions. First meeting is Sat, 2/16.

Leader: Jade Maikai

Contact: 479-7416