Commitment — We value our church members who demonstrate commitment in regular attendance, generous giving, and consistent dedicated involvement.

Excellence — We value excellence in life and ministry as the only attitude that honors God.

Leadership — We value the equipping of people to lead, succeed, and increase their influence within our church and community. 

Community — We understand that life is better experienced together.  Through meaningful relationships, we can find connection, protection, and discipleship.

Spiritually Dependent — We understand that our church is more than an organization, we are the body of Christ.  Therefore, we desire to be surrendered to the leading of the Holy Spirit in everything that we do.

Fun — We value a vibrant, positive, exciting church atmosphere that exudes a life-giving spirit through passionate praise.

Relevance — We value ministry that is current, helpful in life, socially significant, and age relevant, focusing on the interests and needs of people. 

Team — We value teamwork that promotes a shared purpose and is expressed by people of diverse social, economic, and cultural strata connected as the family of God.  Everyone is a "10" in some area. 

Wisdom — We value the pursuit of wisdom through the Word of God that directs us to a principle-focused, balanced, and successful life.

Kindness — We value kindness through a heart of compassion, reflecting the character of our heavenly father to everyone that we come into contact with.

Generosity — We believe that God is generous beyond measure, most notably expressed through the giving of His only Son, Jesus, for the race of humanity.  It’s our desire to follow His example by being generous with our time, finances, love, and gifting.