Arise Students & Family Potluck - Meets Sundays, @1-3pm at Reeds Bay (parking gravel side) once a month (10/21, 11/11, 12/16) Sorry for the inconvenience, all future dates have been cancelled as of 11/20/18. *No meeting on 12/16/18.

Leaders: Natasha Apao and Luana Lavata’i

Contact: 315-2949 (Natasha) & 619-508-4611 (Luana)

Adult Women - Meets Mondays, @11-noon at Burger King, Pahoa. Studying Bill Johnson’s book, “When Heaven Invades Earth.”

Leader: Patty Kawachi

Contact: 895-8692 

Women’s Study - Meets Mondays, @3-4:30pm every other week at Subway, Keaau.

Leader: Pua Bentosino

Contact: 333-0163

Young Adult Men - Meets Mondays @6:30pm at Starbucks, Prince Kuhio. 

Studying “Act Like a Man” by James MacDonald

Leader: MJ Sword-Curry

Contact: 209-9212

Prayer – Meets Tuesdays, 6:00pm @ Kunishige’s home. Please call for directions.

Leader: Patty Kawachi

Contact: 895-8692

Women - Meets Tuesdays, @8-10am at Petie’s home (Papaikou). Studying a 8-week video & discussion using Townsend & Cloud “Boundaries”, dealing with all relationships. (Please call/text for directions)

Leader: Dr. Petie Brown

Contact: 938-7949 

Couples - Meets Tuesdays, @6:30pm at the Chacko’s home every other week starting 9/18.

Leaders: Pastor Binil and Sky Chacko 

Contact: 954-618-8705

Young Adult Women - Meets Tuesdays @7pm at the Barhite’s home once a month starting 9/25. 

Leaders: Abby Barhite & Ashley Barhite 

Contact: 720-885-7101 (Abby) & 

Adult Men - Meets Wednesdays @5:30am at Starbucks, Prince Kuhio

Leader: Pastor Evan Carmichael



Women’s Bible Study/Potluck Brunch - Meets Wednesdays @10am-noon at Carmichael’s home. Please call/text for directions.

Leader: Pastor Shinobu Carmichael 

Contact: 443-3563


Arise Students (Grades 6-12)  Meets Wednesdays @6 -7:45pm with dinner at the church office 1332 Kilauea Ave.

Leader: Luana Lavatai

Contact: 619-508-4611 

Adult Men - Meets Wednesdays, @6:30pm at Starbucks in Prince Kuhio. Book: Arise Church Daily Devotional

Leader: Wade Kaneshiro

Contact: 895-1024

Adult Men - Meets Wednesdays, @6:30-7:45pm at the Lavatai’s home. Curriculum: Authentic Manhood. Please call/text for directions. Starts date: Wednesday, Oct. 3rd, 2018.

Leader: Fa’ata’ape Lavata’i II

Contact: 217-5263


Women’s Bible Study - Meets Wednesdays, @6:30pm at the Mellon’s home. Please call/text for directions.

Leader: Judi Mellon

Contact: 315-3878

Women’s Sisterhood Craft & Decor - Meets Wednesdays, @6:30pm at Kiki’s home every other week starting 9/12. Please text/call for directions.

Leaders: Kiki Dutro & Dani Mellon 

Contact: 333-0765 (Kiki) 

                785-7960 (Dani)

Adult Women - Meets Thursdays, @6:30pm at IHOP, Prince Kuhio. Starting Oct. 4, 2018. Based on Andi Andrew’s book “She is Free”. Last meeting on Nov. 15th, 2018.

Leader: Aldene Acia

Contact: 339-4309 

Senior Adults - Meets Fridays, @10am at IHOP lanai, Prince Kuhio Book: Arise Church Devotional 

Leader: Amy Aihara

Contact: 959-1867

Operation Christmas Child Crafts - Meets Fridays, @6:30pm at Mellon’s home to work on OCC items. Come join us as we fellowship and build 200 OCC shoeboxes together. 1st meeting 10/5

Leaders: Juli Mellon and Cheryl Miyose

Contact: 315-3878 (Judi) & 315-5186 (Cheryl)

Women’s Bible Study - Meets Fridays @6-7pm every other week at Takeya’s home using “Whisper” by Mark Patterson. Bring a snack to share.

Leader: Porsha Takeya

Contact: 494-2344

Couples Date Night - Meets Fridays, once a month. Location and time varies. Text/call if interested and to provide details.

Leaders: Kealoha Campbell and Krystie Campbell

Contact:  217-6269, (Krystie)

                 937-0460, (Kealoha)

Sunrise Prayer - Meets Saturdays, @6-7am at the Arise Church office (1332 Kilauea Ave.) for intercessory prayer. Philippians 4:6-7

Leader: Luana Lavatai 

Contact: 619-508-4611 

 Muay Thai - Meets Saturdays @7-8am at the Tennis court by Kawamoto Pool.

Leader: Stan Eugenio 

Contact: 443-6779

 Breakfast with Homeless - Meets Saturdays, @7am downtown Hilo every 2nd & 4th Saturday to pass out breakfast and reach out to the homeless. 

Leaders: Kaleo Akiona and Daniel Craddock

Contact: 443-3828 (Kaleo) & 315-1886 (Daniel)

 Adult Women - Meets Saturdays, @8am at Hilo Hawaiian Coffee Shop to study Priscilla Shirer’s book,“Fervent: A Women’s Battle Plan to Serious, Specific & Strategic Prayer. Please text/call for directions. First meeting Sept 22nd.

Leaders: Dr. Shallon Craddock  and Cathy Reyes

Contact: 315-1886 (Shallon)

Beginning Cooking - Meets Saturdays, @10am at the Maikai’s home every other week stating on 9/15.  Please text/call for directions 

Leader: Jade Maikai 

Contact: 479-7416