God First

It's time to make room.

A diet changes the way you look, a fast changes the way you see.
Silence the noise.
You will always face your enemy during your fast.
Jesus took dominion over the devil after he fasted and prayed for 40 days.
Certain things happen only with a fast.
Pray for the laborers, not harvest.
God has prepared a table. Let's invite people to this table.
Jesus is coming again, let's live with a sense of urgency.
Who can you invite this week?
What are you believing for in 2018?
Don't quit, persevere.
God has a plan for you.
If we don't learn to forgive, we won't be forgiven.
Let go of the weight that holds you back.
God, if you can use anything, use me.
Miracles can still happen.
Believe for greater things, exceedingly and abundantly.